How To Find A Credit Union

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A credit union can provide a beneficial means of saving or even borrowing money with preferential rates and improved facilities. You can choose a credit union according to where you live, where you work, or even the groups and organisations that you happen to be a member of. There are more than 500 credit unions in existence across the country and nearly 1 million people are already members which means that there is bound to be a relevant union awaiting your membership.

Sharing A Common Bond

Every member of a single credit union shares some common bond. For example, one of the most common types of credit union, is a geographic one. Members of a credit union of this type all live or work in a single specific area. Some of the largest unions are based on geographic location and you can check for these by contacting your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau or even by leafing through the Yellow Pages. However, credit unions do not usually have the money to plump into expensive advertising or marketing campaigns.

Trade Unions And Employers

Trade unions and certain industries also share a common bond. The transport industry and the police, for example, have their own credit unions which employees in these particular fields can join. The NHS is another industry related credit union that offers beneficial membership options to its members. These can often be found by contacting your trade union or industry body, talking to a trade union member, or by asking your employer if they have any details of relevant credit union bodies.

Groups And Organisations

Certain groups and organisations may also have their own credit union. Some churches and other groups of close knit members look for ways to bank, save, and borrow money ethically and credit unions are the ideal way o do exactly this. If your group has a newsletter, then consult this, or speak to somebody within your group and ask about a credit union that might exist and that you can join and benefit from. Members of your committee or group may be able to provide you with details and, happily, it is beneficial for all members when somebody new joins up.

Word Of Mouth

If you know somebody that is a member of a credit union then ask them for more details. They should, at the very least, be aware of the common link that is shared by the members of that union and you can use this information to determine whether you would make a valid new addition to that credit union. You can also look in your local newspaper, contact your local council, or you can search online.

Search Our Website

Our website is dedicated to the storage and sorting of details relating to a large number of credit unions. We offer all of the most important information from some of the biggest, and many of the smallest credit unions that exist. You can search according to your location, where you work, or any groups or organisations that you might be a member of and you can see information including the services that credit unions offer and much more.

Finding A Relevant Credit Union

Different credit unions do offer different services. Every union provides an opportunity to save money and potentially profit for doing so and most offer loans. Some have now started to introduce additional services such as prepaid cards, the equivalent to current accounts from your bank, and even financial advice and guidance from trained and knowledgeable professionals.

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